Residents 16 years and older from all countries are eligible to join Merchant Shares. In cases of suspect, we may ask for your ID and other documents to verify your identity, address and age. Merchant shares is not liable for any tax or licensing to operate or for conducting business with you in your country or locality.

Registration is very simple and easy. It's totally free, you can setup your own account within a minute. You need to enter your details and then follow the instructions sent to your email to complete the registration process.
If you are not referred you are here directly, you can't join easily. Check our Representatives page and you can find your country's representatives and you can find their "Join Me" button just click on that, you will be under him/her.

No, each person can only create a single account, multiple accounts for an individual member is strictly prohibited in our system. We may ask for your ID and other documents to verify your identity, address, age and authenticity of your account. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of all Merchant Shares services and deactivation of the account(s) with or without the notification.

Yes, you and your family members can use the same computer for both registering and accessing accounts. However, each member will need to have their own account fully verified, own separate payment method account for deposit and withdraw and should not be a sponsor within same logged in IP, as multiple accounts for a single member and referral commissions within family member are strictly prohibited, which may suspend your account and you may lost your account.

Yes, our system allows up to 3 new registrations from a single IP within a 24 hour period. Please wait until the 24 hours have passed to register additional accounts.

It is fairly easy to open an account with any of the payment methods accepted by Merchant Shares. If you are having any difficulties registering with a particular system, try searching for instructional videos on YouTube by entering the payment system’s name in the search field. The videos will explain the registration and money handling processes in detail. Click here to see the payment method we support.

Go to your Dashboard, click on Deposit and follow the instructions available on your screen until your deposit from your respective payment method and funds has arrived in your Merchant Shares wallet.

The applicable limits and fees are shown on the Limits and Fees page.

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that whichever payment system you use for an investment, your withdrawals will be sent to that same respective payment system. You can keep track of your withdrawal history on the Withdrawal page, as well as in your payment system account.

Based on fees charged to Merchant Shares by exchangers, brokers, swaps, payment systems and transactions, fees are required for deposits and withdrawals.

Missing deposits need to be reported within 7 days to the Merchant Shares Helpdesk. Choose the “Deposit” ticket type and include all the relevant details: reference/batch/transaction numbers, your payment processor id and the deposit amount. Please wait for a response from support first before replying, to retain the position of your ticket in the queue.

BTC can be traded in BTC-e site. You need BTC-e USD balances to use in MS.
Here is the process for it:
login to then click on Finances (, to generate code you must have balance in USD, if you do not have balance in BTC then click on trade ( and trade your BTC to USD.
In the Finance page click on withdraw button at right side of USD ( on "Withdrawal on the purse:" select BTC-e Code and put how much amount to generated, it will send you email to confirm and reject with link. Once you click on confirm link in email it will give you code to use.

Your Total revenue will be paid on daily basis in Merchant Shares Account, rate is upto 2.25% daily. Total revenue will be 150% until it expires.

For Example if you purchase 1 Premium Pack which costs $100, it will give you daily $2.25 daily until it expires. If it completes 150% total (Means you receive full $150), the pack will expire.

That depends on your number of active Ad Packs.
As long as high value Advertising Packages are active in your account, your daily revenue will be higher and if you have less value Advertising Packages or less number of Advertising Packages your daily revenue will be also very less.

Saturday and Sunday are weekends and our Advertisers assign very less value on those days according their campaign for advertising, so you will may have less revenue which is 0.25%.

If you are looking for HYIPs, you are at wrong place. Merchant Shares is an Advertising Company. Once you will purchase Advertising Packages we will assign you Ads Views works, which pays you for viewing Ads. The maximum return is 2.25%.

Yes, you have to purchase Advertising Packages to get daily revenue. There is no other way to receive revenue for now.
Go to your Dashboard, click on Advertising Packages at left Navigation and click "Create" and select your wallet where you have kept your fund and Just below you can see various types of Advertising Packages, you can choose any that you are interested with it. Put the value in Units section and click "Preview" and Confirm. For more information about those Advertising Packages.

Yes you can purchase any of them together, and you can purchase in any number that you are interested also you can use any payment method for it purchase.

Active Advertising Packages are generating daily revenue, and will continue until full 150% of it's value.
Inactive Advertising Packages are not giving any daily revenues, It have already given 150% returns.
Expired Advertising Packages have already given you the full 150% return and you have already transferred 150% return to your wallet.

Yes, You can repurchase with your earning. Just transfer from Advertising Packages Balance to Wallet and purchase new Advertising Packages. It will save you withdraw fee, and all process is instant.

We have following limits, which keep changing based on our Advertisers:
If more advertisers will Join and advertise, limit will be raised.
Recent Limits are:
$2000 Purchase in last 24 hours
$5000 Purchase in last 7 days
$10000 Purchase in last 30 days

Go to your Dashboard, click on Transfer and there you will see Advertising Packages Profit Transfer. After transferring to your wallet, you can again purchase Advertising Packages or withdraw to payment method instantly.

Yes, there we have Gift Card system to send fund to any one you like.

As its a last part of your investment, there is no limit to transfer funds to your internal wallet.

All withdrawals are processed instantly.

After you have transferred your Profit Available/Commissions to your Merchant Shares wallet, you can withdraw it to your respective payment method account instantly. The minimum amount to withdraw is $5.

No, this is not possible due to our AML policy, as we are fully compliant to local regulatory authorities. This is also needed to correctly balance and record funds from deposits, investments, transfers, withdrawals and commissions.

Withdrawal fees include, but are not limited to payment method transaction fees in the company/merchant account, e-currency conversion fees, bank transfer fees, trading swap fees, trading platform account withdrawal fees and exchangers. These fees can vary so from time to time, your withdrawal fees are revised to reflect what the company account must pay. The limits and fees applicable are given on the limits-fees page.

Your “Profit Available” is the total returns from all your active investments over $0.00. To withdraw, you must first transfer returns and/or commissions to your wallet.

This rare occurrence is due to a server communication error between the servers of the payment method and Merchant Shares. Please wait up to 5-15 minutes before reporting via support ticket, choosing the appropriate ticket type. You must be report this issue in a ticket within 7 days and provide all the necessary details in your ticket and wait for a response before replying, which under normal circumstances within 24-48 hours.

You can send your received transaction details via support ticket, we can update it to completed transaction. Monthly audits are performed to correct such transaction errors. However, it is your responsibility to report such issues via support ticket. After correcting this issue, it is possible that your account show a negative balance having more withdrawn than earned, which is normal.

Yes, you are given 5% commissions instantly once your referral's deposit has been completed.

To use your advertising link to invite others, click Here.

You will first need to transfer your referral commissions to the wallet.
A minimum amount of $2.50 commission is required for transfers.
To transfer your commissions, click Here.

Commissions are not given to sponsors when investments are made with transferred funds. When referrals make deposits from their payment system, sponsors earn 5% commissions.

No, there is only one Level of referrals and commissions in Merchant Shares.

Yes, you can change it yourself in your profile, but only if you have not yet made a deposit.

The accepted payment methods in Merchant Shares are Neteller, Paytoo, SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money, OKPAY, PAYEER and BTC-e USD. Some allow the use of credit/debit and bank cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other e-currencies. To make a Deposit to begin building your investment portfolio, click Here

It is very easy to transfer funds from one payment system to another using exchange sites. Some exchange sites allow funding using credit cards and wire transfers. Exchange sites can be easily found by performing a Google search.
Our supported payment system Paytoo allows funding using PAYPAL, UKASH and cards.

Beware! Individual "brokers" offering exchange services on social network websites or via Skype are highly likely to be fraudulent.

At this time, we do not offer this option. However, we are in process of linking with top e-currency exchangers that may be suitable to assist you in exchanges. We also may introduce our own exchanger facility in future.

Bitcoin is not directly accepted. However, you can load your Bitcoins into SolidTrust Pay, OKPAY, Payeer or Neteller. You can also use an exchanger for Bitcoins into USD and then fund one of our accepted payment method for depositing and withdrawing in Merchant Shares.
We also accept BTC-e USD why not you try that.

This is not possible for an unverified Merchant Shares member. But it is possible for verified members based on your case that need to change payment method account. When you are a verified Merchant Shares member, only after all the investment(s) is inactive (already paid 150%) then you your old wallet balance be transferred to new wallet balance. This is applicable for hacked account, country not supported by payment method.

It will be added automatically when you deposit for the first time into Merchant Shares.

Accounts that are used to do any transaction like deposit, withdraw commissions are linked with transaction record. As a result it is not possible to remove/change in MS system due to compliance and technical issue.

Yes, we do have 30-day Money Back Guarantee, with no questions asked. You can do a refund yourself by cancelling your investment and then withdraw the amount. Refunds reflect deductions of the 5% commission given to your sponsor and the withdrawal fee, with the remaining amount sent to the same account used for your deposit. This policy will be void when you withdraw your profit from any investment or transfer any funds inside MS system and this means that you have accepted to continue the program. Refunds are applicable for your first time investment only.

No, refunds are offered one time only. To avoid potential fraud, refunded members have tested our system already, so additional refunds or requests for refunds are strictly prohibited.

Within the period of 30 days, you can cancel your investment anytime, then your investment amount will be transferred to your respective Merchant Shares with applicable fees charged. From the wallet, withdraw your refund to your payment method account.

If chargeback are issued from payment method company to our account then we will cancel the investments, deposits from member and do negative balance adjustment of 5 times.

We also do negative balance of referral commissions given to sponsor.

Members from all over the world are offering their assistance in a variety of languages and cultures are ready to be your sponsor to best help you sign up and understand Merchant Shares.

As a Representative you will have your own Join Me and personal Website button advertised on the Merchant Shares public website. New visitors needing a sponsor who can best help them can become your referral, giving you commissions when they make new deposits.

There are Representatives from various countries fluent in a large variety of languages ready to assist you. Click here to view the Merchant Shares Representatives.

Whenever you update your message, Merchant Shares staff need to review and approve it. Your old Representative message is shown until it has been approved.

You must be a fully verified Merchant Shares member to become a Representative. A blog or website is required that has an easy explanation of Merchant Shares and instructions in English language and your local language (optional).

It is a user experience sharing with other Members like you who have been using Merchant Shares. Your testimonial may be positive or negative based on your own personal view.

After you submitting your testimonial, it will be reviewed and published on the website, along with a Join Me button. New website visitors who read about your experience in Merchant Shares can sign up as your referral giving you referral commissions when they make new deposits.

Whenever you update it, staff member need to see it and approve it. So till it gets approved your old testimonial is shown.

Merchant Shares is not a website running by a person or admin. It is a corporation running via a team of staff members. They work 24x7, 365 days to generate profit via respective works. Our executive team member are from Dominica, Malaysia, India and Dubai. Other staff working from around the world via online. We have a confidentiality policy not to disclose the owner and staffs details in public.

Our registered address is, 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, Roseau, Dominica. You can find our company registrations information from Government Site.
You can reach us via call on +1-816-301-6266 and by sending email to [email protected]

For general questions, you can use our Live Chat support system for immediate assistance.
Or use our HelpDesk ticket system and we will reply within 24 to 48 hours.
Visit the Facebook Group and you may find your answers in posts made by other experienced members.

Please send us a support ticket with suggestions for the FAQ and we will consider adding more information.