Following process are carried out respectively:

To participate into our system, member first register themselves and validate their account.

Free members can earn on viewing ads by acting as a paid viewers for those who recruit someone to view their ads. System will automatically disburse the ads to all the free members.

Member can deposit amount into MS to purchase advertising packages (Ads Pack).

Members having funds can purchase advertising packages. We have a variety of advertising packages. And based on it, members will get paid on viewing ads. The more advertising packages you purchase, the more will get the ads to view and then get paid.

Members who do not have time to view ads can hire free members to view ads for them. You can purchase subscriptions which will hire someone to view your ads for you and get paid. This also help to earn some money for free member who do not have capacity to buy advertising packages.

Members will get daily returns in the range of 0.25% to 2.25% till their advertising packages purchase value has been fully earned 150%.

Member will transfer earned profits from ads view to respective payment method wallets in MS.

Members can instantly withdraw or purchase new advertising packages from wallet funds in MS.

You can invite your friends/families to join Merchant Shares and receive referral commissions when they purchase advertising packages.


For years, the unique business plan designed by Merchant Shares has proven to be incredibly stable and consistent for hundreds of thousands of satisfied members.