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10th Jan, 2017
02:44 AM
Offer for new Deposit
We are glad to announce that we have a offer of 10% more on returns on investments made with new funds for Paytoo.
You can take benefit with this offer by making new deposit and investment with the fresh funds.
Your investment can be a combination of fresh fund and old funds too but the offer is applicable only on the fresh funds.
This offer is valid until further notice.

$100 Investment returns you 160% of it instead of 150%.
9th Jan, 2017
12:36 AM
BTC-e USD Codes terms and conditions - update
Creating and Redeem BTC-e code:

The following terms and conditions take effect as of September 30th 2016.

- When creating a BTC-e code you can specify the username of the BTC-e customer, who can redeem this code.
If the username is correct, the code can only be redeemed by this specific user (or the user who created the code).
If the specified username is invalid (spelling error or the username does not exist within BTC-e), the code can only be redeemed by the user who created the code.
If the “Username” field is left blank, then the code can be redeemed by any BTC-e user who receives it (as well as by the user who created the code).

Expiration of BTC-e codes:
- BTC-e codes will be active for 120 days since creation.
If no one redeems a code within 120 days, the code will become “inactive”. An inactive code can only be redeemed by the user who created it.
For BTC-e codes created after January 1, 2016 the 120 days of lifetime will be counted starting from September 30th 2016.

Best Regards, BTC-e Support
8th Jan, 2017
03:58 PM
Threatening from bogus Anonymous Organization Fraud - closed
Seems some one checking MS authenticity.
Finally it was a bad trying with MS, MS do not tolerate such activity nor give priority for it. We do not entertain to pay for marketing, Nor worrying about some one threatening us for ransom on our reputation.
We have build the member trust from more than million members.
We are here to grow together with members for very long time.

Final message from him:
Yes I can close deal and giving up and write an apologize but I don't have funds to start investing with your company who can afford.

Its a good ending.
Please do not try to mess with MS.
Thank you all members trust and working together with us for long time.
If anything happen such in future, we will let you know.
8th Jan, 2017
12:25 AM
MS will participate members in role of exchangers
Yes you listen it right !!!
As we need daily and high volume payment method funds need to exchange based on the members withdraw.
We are working to create a bonus amount on every deposits in which we are lacking funds.
Be ready with your STP and Paytoo funds, This are the all time lacking funds with MS. We will offer very soon investment bonus.
7th Jan, 2017
09:30 AM
why Crypto Coins profit low ?
As we all know the major market player of crypto currency is Bitcoin (BTC).
Almost all other coins are directly associated with BTC price.
As BTC price dropped and the whole crypto currency market effected.
You can see updates on crypto market on BTC only here.
7th Jan, 2017
12:47 AM
Gift Card limits increased
As we see Gift Cards has been popular among members.
We got approved to increase limits from compliance dept.
For complete details of limits can be found in limit and fee page.
6th Jan, 2017
01:19 AM site is up site is up.
Now you can deposit and withdraw using it.
If you have any pending withdraw send a support ticket with appropriate category to address it in our earliest possible time.
6th Jan, 2017
12:23 AM Site is down use
Due to site is down, we can not accept deposit and process withdraw at this moment.
This time better do not withdraw in btc-e, or your withdraw will go do pending.

As per their updates in social networking they are available via
Due to the data center domain may be temporarily not available, use the
4th Jan, 2017
12:31 PM
Paytoo & SolidTrust Pay
Withdrawal to Paytoo & SolidTrust Pay is resumed after the issue has been solved temporarily.
We are still working out best to make it uninterruptible.
Please create support ticket with withdrawal ID in proper category to cancel your withdrawal if you have any pending withdrawal.
1st Jan, 2017
07:29 AM
Happy New Year 2017
This New Year we thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you and we will try to work out ways in which we can serve you better in 2017 and in coming years.

All the staff at Merchant Shares sends you our warmest Season's Greetings and wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year 2017!
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