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1st Dec, 2016
04:46 AM
Send support ticket in appropriate category
We are trying our best to solve member's problem in our earliest possible time.
For that purpose we have added new support ticket category.
Please use appropriate category to get your problem resolved in shortest possible time.
If you have one support ticket open then you can close that support ticket and use appropriate support category and send new ticket to get your problem solve in shortest possible time.
29th Nov, 2016
11:55 AM
STP withdraw via Neteller
If you need to withdraw STP balance via Neteller, You can ask it in support ticket and talk to live chat.
It will be arranged within next 12 hours for withdraw.
Member must be fully verified member and must use appropriate category (STP Balance transfer to Neteller ) while sending support ticket.

As we have thousands of tickets to manually verify in STP account.
finance dept. are working on it.
28th Nov, 2016
12:58 AM
STP withdraw - verifying in process
Finance dept. have disabled withdraw in STP and working to verify and cleanup the pending withdraw.
Withdraw in STP for manual processing will be enabled anytime in next 12-24 hours after finance dept. finished clearing the pending withdraw.
Those STP withdraw which are sent are marked completed and other will be cancelled.
Then need to again process withdraw to go on manual process.
Sorry for inconvenience caused, we are doing our best level possible.
25th Nov, 2016
03:09 PM
STP withdraw - manual process completed
IT department have finished working on STP manual withdraw.
We are testing on it.
Expected to go live within next 96 hours or so.
We are concern with security first before anything else.

Also for those who have problem with STP, can start using other payment method for deposit and withdraw. All other payment method are working perfectly and instantly.
20th Nov, 2016
04:16 PM
STP withdraw issue - update
Are you a STP depositor member ?
If yes then be ready with your BTC-e USD or Neteller wallet to withdraw.
We are working with exchanger to exchange your STP wallet balance to BTC-e USD or Neteller wallet balance.

Manual withdraw process will be available too for STP, but this may be slow for those need quick money.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
17th Nov, 2016
02:07 PM
Important Changes from NETELLER
We regret to inform you that as of 25 November 2016, we will no longer offer the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® service in some country. You will not be able to use your card but your NETELLER Account remains fully functional and your balance is unaffected. You can withdraw funds from your NETELLER Account to your bank account or send money to any other NETELLER user or online business accepting NETELLER.
If you have any questions, please visit our website and FAQ page.
16th Nov, 2016
12:46 PM
STP withdraw issue - update
We are failure to provide STP instant withdraw due to some limitations.
As a result we are working on manual withdraw processing like in many other sites.
So in next week we may come up with manual withdraw processing for
We can not promise beyond our limits nor we can do anything beyond that.
We are just trying to help members the way we can right now.

Start using alternative payment method for deposit and withdraw, MS may bring some way to transfer STP balances to next payment method.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
13th Nov, 2016
03:07 AM
Wallet Account number issue - Fixed
We have identified the problem, We fixed the issue.
Also we have fixed all the earlier problem seen in member account.
We are in final audit of wallet number issue.
Then we will take care of STP pending issues.
STP withdraw are Instantly, except for those who have pending.
All financial issue need to take care by finance dept. and manually review in payment method account which takes time.
11th Nov, 2016
12:31 PM
Wallet Account number issue
We are aware of showing multiple account for same payment method account.
We are working on it, Hope IT dept. will fix it soon.
Also mean time we have around 10 reports on bug-bounty.
We have been working on it too, which had delayed the STP issue to take care of.
We are concern about the security of members, funds and system integrity to satisfy fully core accounting and compliances.
9th Nov, 2016
06:53 AM
Crypto Coins New Investment Sector live !!!
We are proud to introduce the new investment sector in MS.
Crypto Coins are live now.
You can invest on this sector onwards.
We will be focusing more on new investment sector, As we need to take care for newly born baby !!!
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