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25th Oct, 2016
03:43 AM
Email address can not be changed
As being increasing frauds, We management have decided not to accept any email change request.
Its your sole responsibility to protect and take care your email address used on signups.
We strongly recommend to use gmail and enable 2FA security to secure it.
MS also offer 2FA security to protect your MS account.
23rd Oct, 2016
04:46 AM
STP withdraw updates
We are extremely sorry for the delay process.
As we have to relay on STP it is taking time.
Last Friday due to DDoS Attacks on DNS servers, the half of the Internet was down and major website was office.
As a result we, including STP are not able to work closely on the issues.
We are expecting the reply from merchant support in Monday or Tuesday.
All STP problem should be completely fixed within in this week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
18th Oct, 2016
02:42 PM
STP withdraw to process
We are working for STP withdraws to process manually and with higher amount limits.
We are trying our level best to better serve our members as much as possible.
So expected next week we may have come up with the solutions or manage to fix the Instant withdraw with STP.
Member depositing from STP, can use next available payment method to deposit and withdraw with no problem.
All other payment method are delivering instant withdraw.
17th Oct, 2016
12:04 AM
Withdraw completed but showing Pending Withdraw !!!
As we all know the problem facing in SolidTrust Pay withdraw going on pending.
Majority of the case is withdraw been complete but showing pending.
As finance department need to check each and every pending withdraw manually and update their transaction number.
If you have already received your withdraw and it is shown as pending in MS site, then go to live chat and give your pending withdraw id and transaction/batch number.
It will be processed within next 6-12 hours.
16th Oct, 2016
10:27 AM
Fake Email circulating to member !!!
We found that fake, phishing, spam email is being sent to our members from our name.
We have not sent any email to our member.
For any new thing we would like member know that will be publish in our news section.
So please review news section before accepting any things claimed to be sent from us.
Email sent from: [email protected]
Subject: New Blockchain Account Registration
Welcome to full automatic bitcoin system
Url: Sample screenshot of fake email
Its a SPAM, do respond it. We are not liable of any loss or damage from such unauthorized email fraud.
You can always check news section or ask to our Live Chat representatives.
15th Oct, 2016
04:02 AM
Withdraw pending in STP
Dear valued member,
We know how frustrating it will be when the withdraw goes to pending.
We see around 80% of pending transactions were completed but STP API server is not able to inform to us in timely manner.
As Finance department have to check those withdraw manually in our STP account, is only the reason why it is taking time to complete those pending transaction.
Management is looking the way to get funds transferred to other payment method we are looking approval from compliance department.
We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
12th Oct, 2016
09:35 AM
PAYTOO withdraw enabled !!!
PAYTOO withdraw have been enabled for all.
Enjoy withdraw via PAYTOO.
12th Oct, 2016
05:05 AM
Pending withdraw ticket resolved !!!
We are proud to announce that we have resolved all the support ticket whose withdraw are pending.
Now there is no any pending withdraw, that are reported to us via support ticket.
11th Oct, 2016
05:03 AM
PAYTOO deposit started working !!!
PAYTOO fixed their problem and now you can successfully deposit using it.
We are now working on testing the withdraw from PAYTOO.
10th Oct, 2016
06:21 AM
PAYTOO deposit enabled !!!
PAYTOO deposit have been enabled for all.
Actually there is problem in PAYTOO side, on not sending pin code in email or sms to complete the transaction.
Hope they will fix their problem in their earliest possible time.
Till deposit is not being verified, we can not enable the withdraw via PAYTOO.
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