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6th Oct, 2016
09:20 AM
Perfect Money deposit enabled !!!
Perfect Money deposit is open for all.
Management have waived on deposit fee on amount greater than or equal to $100.
Offer runs for next 15 days from now.
6th Oct, 2016
08:13 AM
The site is live now !!!
The site is live now but it will take some more time for IT team to bring it back to normal condition.
Deposits and withdrawals are disabled now; will be available progressively in our earliest possible time.
We are hopeful that you will have patience for some more time.
Your patience and trust are the pillars of MS.
We were and will always be gratuful for your faith upon us.

There will be updates about the deposits and withdrawals in Official Social Sites.
Please do not overload the live chat for the updates.
1st Oct, 2016
04:52 AM
All withdraw is disabled for withdraw server migration
We need to migrate the withdraw server.
As a result all the withdraw are temporary disabled.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
29th Sep, 2016
07:15 AM
STP withdraw enabled
STP withdraw was enabled yesterday.
All STP pending withdraw will be processed in next 24-48 hours.
You can give your STP pending withdraw id to live chat, they will priority to get it fixed in next 12 hours.
28th Sep, 2016
03:27 AM
NETELLER 2x5 minute outage periods scheduled
Dear NETELLER Merchant,

We will be performing maintenance to the NETELLER system on Monday 3 October 2016 between 21:00 UTC and 21:30 UTC.

There will only be two short 5 minute outage periods during this time in which you and your customers will be unable to access the NETELLER website or process transactions. Apart from these 5 minute periods, you will continue to have access to the NETELLER Merchant Dashboard at and be able to process transactions with NETELLER Members via our API.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact the NETELLER Merchant Support team.

Best regards,
22nd Sep, 2016
09:40 PM
STP payment method disable
As time to time we see problem in STP.
We are working hard to resolve the issue.
Expected to be fixed in 48 to 72 hours, May be this Monday.
We are looking alternative way to get STP funds transfer in other payment method if member like.
18th Sep, 2016
04:05 AM
random withdraw went to pending
As we see our new security system is randomly trapping the suspicious activity.
More members with STP withdraw are there, we are working on it.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
15th Sep, 2016
11:51 AM
Unverified members need to re-upload document
For those who need to verify their account need to re-upload verification document in site.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Identity verification guide lines:
1. Your photo, date of birth and your full name must be displayed in the identity / Passport / National Id / Citizenship card you upload.
2. Middle names should be placed together with first name in the Given names in your profile.
Given names = First name + Middle names
3. Surname should not be repeated in the Given names in your profile.
Surname = Last name / Family name
4. Date of birth and Gender must be filled up in profile
Date-of-birth Example ‎1985-06-29
8th Sep, 2016
12:45 AM
70% verification document rejected
We see there are huge volume of documents submitted for account verification but most of them gets rejected.
Its totally due to member did not give time to learn and understand the process and why it is done.
They just go to profile and upload documents, and their details are incomplete or not correct with MS record.
So first you need to go to profile page update your information correctly then upload your documents for verification.
The details in MS record must match exactly with the uploaded document to get it verified.
6th Sep, 2016
11:40 AM
Document upload - Problem fixed
IT team have fixed the document upload problem.
Now it should be working for all members.
The maximum file upload limit is 5 Mb.
If you have any problem report in facebook group or send support ticket.
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