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5th Sep, 2016
03:37 PM
Live chat off for 48 hours
As we have to complete document verification.
All staff are working on document verification to help compliance department.
For document verification no need to send support ticket.
We will be manually reviewing all the submitted documents.
5th Sep, 2016
06:02 AM
Highest deposit/withdraw fee now have no fee
We have jointly offer from Neteller, to completely waived off deposit and withdraw fee for more than $100 in deposit and withdraw.
This offer is valid till next 3 months from 5th September 06:00, 2016.
This is the business experiment requested from the Neteller payment method.
The offer period may change without further notice.
So enjoy deposit and withdraw from Neteller.
5th Sep, 2016
01:03 AM
All support ticket replied since 3rd september
Support ticket sent since 3rd september are all replied.
All support ticket for pending withdraw also processed as of now.
There are number of ways to reduce support tickets, see news section, talk to live chat, see in facebook group and get your general question answered.
Also educate yourself giving time to learn and help your referral to know whats going on with MS.
Due to fraud being detected with MS, MS have strictly implemented verification process.
Hope you understand the security concern to keep MS safe and secure.
3rd Sep, 2016
09:06 AM
Huge volume support ticket
Due to limitations strictly implemented, we are receiving more than 2,000 support ticket.
Please talk to live chat to know whats going before sending support ticket.
Or check in facebook group, news section to learn more.
Due to huge volume all support tickets are delayed upto 3-5 days.
Its member created the situation for themselves, we are trying to help them better.
2nd Sep, 2016
09:00 AM
BTC-e Deposit issue fixed
As we got support ticket from members that BTC-e deposit is not working.
Now its is working perfectly.
If you still have any problem do let us know via helpdesk.
2nd Sep, 2016
01:47 AM
Verification limits implemented strictly
As we have recently implemented limitations for verification based on your investments.
It seems due to some glitch some member being verified are not able to transfer or withdraw.
Technical Department is working on it.
Nothing to worry, it will be fixed within next 24 hours.
30th Aug, 2016
03:36 AM
BTC-e withdraw will be enable in few hours
BTC-e withdraw will be available in less than 24 hours.
Hope you will enjoy it.
28th Aug, 2016
12:52 PM
Limits updated
New limitations are updated on
Limits gets changed time to time based on the the following in the company.
- Financial department capacity to handle new funds
- Fraud, Investigations issue
- Compliance issue
- Regulatory issue
- Payment method issues
26th Aug, 2016
10:37 AM
Help to reduce support ticket
Lets we all together work to reduce the support ticket for quicker responses from support department.
Before sending any support ticket please first see news page, limit and fees page, facebook group, live chat respectively and if you do not found your problem addressed then send support ticket.
Please share this to your referrals too.
26th Aug, 2016
10:31 AM
Delay on document verification
After uploading the document for verification, please talk to live chat support to speedup the process.
They can help you to get it verified within 30 minutes.
Also they have alternative way to verify your phone if the automated system does not work.
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