Vandeilson Figueiredo

Address: Brazil
Language: Portuguese, English, Espanhol

Dear investors, I've been at Merchant Shares for 2 years and I'm happy to be able to help the new employees of this huge project, Count on me.

Yours sincerely,

Vandeilson Figueiredo


Address: Nigeria
Language: English, Yoruba
Merchant Shares provides a portfolio investment service for its members from all around the world.
Deposit funds from any accepted payment method to your Merchant Shares internal wallet. Receive returns daily until 150% of your investment has been fully returned.
You can withdraw and reinvest instantly.

Musa The Giant

Address: South Africa
Language: English, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, Siswati,
Welcome, my name is Musa Dumakude, a.k.a Musa The Giant! from Durban, South Africa. It's time YOU invested with a real, authentic, registered and verified international organisation. A company that has been around since 2007. It's high time YOU claimed back your financial freedom. Join Me today!


Address: Brazil
Language: english, portuguese
I met merchantshares in July 2014, from there I made few deposits and took all the values ​​I had, after investing in bored businesses I realized that merchantshares always remained strong paying and profiting well, I decided to give more Value and return to invest with more dedication.

Nour eddine ouchouari

Address: Spain
Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italy, germany and Portugues
I have found trusted search of financial investments company for a long time. Finally, I found Merchant Shares and its a real company with physical address. I can help members where live in Palestine to understand how this program works and how you can earn passive income.

Mohammad Rohol Amin

Address: Bangladesh
Language: English, Bangali
Hello Everyone, Merchant Shares is a trusted platform to invest online. I am really proud to being an investor of Merchant Shares. Congratulation, who already join in Merchant Shares & Inviting others to join in Merchant Shares. If you need any kinds of help then I am here ready to help You. Thanks


Address: Brazil
Language: Portuguese, English
Hello! Welcome! Join us in this fantastic deal.

Come to know and enjoy a great company, come and make a profit with us!

I'll be here ready to support you.

A big hug.

Sabin Pokharel

Address: Nepal
Language: English, Nepali, Hindi
Hi there, A Senior Management Accountant from Kathmandu. Are you planning to invest in Forex, commodities and others? Why to take risk, when you will get nice profit without any risk. Let Merchant Share take care of your investment. Enjoy, guaranteed return of 150% without any risk :)

Ideas N Concepts Intl

Address: Nigeria
Language: English, French, Pidgin, Igbo, Yoruba
The company has given a transparent record on its operations. further more how it has upgraded from one level to another carrying all members along is indeed outstanding. Its great to know there is yet to be tried a business with genuine intentions and that is merchant shares...

Esteban Adrian

Address: Colombia
Language: English, spanish
Hi, I have spent two months investing in Merchant Shares, it would be a pleasure to collaborate with what you need to start investing in this page, if you want to join this team you can register clicking join me.